A downloadable game for Windows

OldSchool Nightmare is a first person shooter with some old school gameplay ( gameplay like doom, blood, heretic etc... ).

Game's page in IndieDB:


The current version is the first alpha.

Install instructions

The file has a random name ( by googledrive ) and is about 1.45gb.

Add to the file the .zip extension, extract the game, play.

Example: Change the file namefrom as434-dfdf to as434-dfdf.zip

You can also download the latest version normally from the official page in IndieDB:


The current version of the game is 64bit so you will have to use 64bit windows in order to run it.

15.9.2015 Update!

Alpha 2.x Is out and it got a new level builder and multiplayer option.

You can download it in this page:


You can also watch the tutorials ( that also comes with the game ) for the level builder in this link: